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Maitri is a NewDelhi-based developmental humanitarian NGO that is committed to facilitatingevery individual’s Human Rights, especially the Rights to Identity, Dignity andRespect. Project Jeevan is the main initiatives of Maitri which promotesdignity and support for abandoned elderly widows in Vrindavan (Mathura, India). 

Programme Jeevan, inoperation since 2010, targets improving living conditions of destitute andabandoned widows. It provides them with safety, shelter, and food. ProgrammeJeevan also implements projects to rebuild widow identity and senseof self-worth after each (and belongings) are stripped per caste tradition.KeyJeevan deliverables include shelter, improved nutrition, facilitated socialprotection, income generation skills, community awareness, and perhaps mostimportantly, restored sense of self

Project Maitrigram, in operation since 2007,targets improving youth dropout rates and unemployment in key Delhi regions byincreasing educational quality, access and funding resources.Key Maitrigram deliverablesinclude after-school programs, vocational training and college scholarships.Vocational trainings especially cover sewing classes and intense English speakingprogrammes preparing individuals from undeserved communities for the workingenvironment. 

Our initiatives with Migrant Workers include facilitating accessto Citizenship Rights to ensure access to basic rights including healthcare tovulnerable migrant populations like rickshaw pullers and the homeless, andproviding educational and skill-enhancement opportunities for undeservedchildren and women respectively. We also run an Integrated Counseling andTesting Center (ICTC) for HIV/AIDS.