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Nanhi Kali- For the Girl Child

Project Nanhi Kali which currently supports the education of over 100,000underprivileged girl children across 9 states in India believes that education is the single most powerful intervention for transforming lives. For thousands of disadvantaged girls in India, education is the only weapon that will open the doors to provide them with equal opportunity, so that they can grow, learned realize their own potential. 

The Project was incepted in 1996 by the K.C.Mahindra Education Trust, with the objective of providing primary education to under privileged girl children in India. Today, it is a national sponsorship program which provides academic and material support to underprivileged girl children in primary and secondary classes, so that they can achieve grade specific learning competency levels. Our objective is to stem the high rate of drop outs amongst girl children from socially and economically marginalized families especially since the areas we work in, girls drop out of school either because they have to look after younger siblings, dedicate time to household chores, contribute to the household income, or are married off at a young age.The project is jointly managed by K.C. Mahindra Education Trust and Naandi Foundation from 2005. 

The intervention includes academic support in the form of before or after-school classes and material support is provided in the form of school bags, shoes, books, uniforms, lunch boxes and other essentials that help a girl go to school with dignity. Project Nanhi Kali also mobilizes communities of parents, teachers and village elders to make them active stakeholders in the process of change.