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About UsRaddi Donor is an online portal for donating or selling Raddi in India.. is an online Raddi collection portal that works with the local Raddiwala’s and provide door to door free pick up service to collect Recyclable waste from houses, institutions, shops etc. at a date and time of your choice.

It is North India’s first recycling based fund raising platform where we want to give recycling a new dimension by allowing users to donate the money from their Raddi to one of our partnered NGO’s of their choice and take part in making some real difference to the society and the future of our country brighter.Users can dispose of their Raddi in a traditional way by selling it online and can help in saving the natural resources of our country and making it Swach and Green !!

Recycling is a need of an hour so that we can preserve our natural resources for our future generations

Extracting natural resources for the purpose of manufacturing products like paper, plastics, metals and glass is a key cause of global habitat loss. Natural resources like coal, trees, metals, oil etc. need to be refined and processed to create products, requiring vast amounts of energy and the use of polluting chemicals further causing the destruction of habitats. Recycling is the only way that reduces the need for raw materials and so reduces the impact on environment. Recycling the materials generally requires less energy than manufacturing from Raw materials. Recycling also creates a cyclic way of living and introduces “green” consciousness to daily life and this change is essential for reducing our impact on the environment as a whole, and will help us to maintain sustainability.

With Swach Bharat initiative in our country for clean and green India, it also requires proper and effective recycling solutions so that we can preserve our natural resources for our future generations. Raddidonor is the platform where users can donate the money from their recyclable waste to one of our supported NGO’s and help in contributing to the brighter future of the country. Users can also sell their recyclable waste and help in creating swach and Green environment.